Monday, February 28, 2005

Accidents happen

Profgrrrl writes today about how she accidentally fell into a top-tier academic job..

This story actually rings true with me. I never made big plans to go into academia. In fact, I can trace my decision to October of my senior year in college. I was sitting in a class after lunch, mind wandering, and I thought suddenly "This time next year I won't be here. I wonder what I will do? I know. I'll apply to grad school." Not that I didn't work hard to shape the direction of my career once I was already there, but the fact remains that it was basically apathy and inertia that drove me in the first place.

And then I left. Maybe my lack of a lifelong dream to be there made it easier to walk away in the end. I do know that it would be hard to envision going back now. I still go to professional conferences and am left with a feeling of gratitude that I am no longer one of my academic colleagues.


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