Sunday, March 27, 2005

My favorite holiday

Today is Easter, which for me has never been much except an inconvenience because I always need to remember to shop on the Saturday before, as all the shops will be closed on Sunday. And, like Jule Saltman an excuse to eat chocolate. (Although, unlike Julie, I tend to confine my chocolate eating to after Easter, when I can pick it up for thirty cents or so on the dollar.)

But in the same post, Julie extols the virtues of my all time favorite holiday, Guy Fawkes Day. What? Never heard of it?

Rembember, remember the fifth of November.

The gunpowder treason and plot.

There is no reason the gunpowder treason

Ever should be forgot.

In case you haven't spent much time in England, Julie gives a fairly good description of the festivities:

For those not familiar with it, Guy Fawkes Day is a deliciously pagan feast falling on November 5, which involves building large bonfires, burning clumsily-constructed human effigies voodoo-style atop them, toasting the carcasses of marshmallows over the embers, and then attempting to set off soggy fireworks in the British drizzle. The whole affair is in remembrance -- get this -- of a guy named Guy who in 1605 attempted to blow up the Houses of Parliament because he was pissed that the new king, James I, was a Protestant. Acting on a tip-off from an unnamed source, the police arrested Guy Fawkes in the basement of the building the night of the plot, where he was found sitting next to a pile of gunpowder the size of the Lusitania, getting ready to light the blue touch-paper and retire. (Fawkes of course was only the patsy. The real culprits were a consortium of disenfranchized Catholic nobles, who were also intercepted and shortly afterwards parted company with their heads.)

For the record, the fireworks are often set off before the bonfire.


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