Tuesday, May 17, 2005

The intellectual bankruptcy of J-school graduates

Looking at the headline White House refutes UK Iraq memo, one might believe that the White House had offered some information that, you know, actually refutes the allegation that the Iraq war was planned in 2002. So what did Scott McClellan say?

McClellan insisted the process leading up to the decision to go to war was "very public" -- and that the decision to invade in March 2003 was taken only after Iraq refused to comply with its "international obligations."

However, McClellan also said he had not seen the "specific memo," only reports of what it contained.

So, the White House might have "denied" the veracity of the memo, but I don't see any evidence of a "refutation" here.

Having seen the doofuses who major in journalism at any large university, this doesn't surprise me. The number of so-called journalists who can actually write and edit seems to have dwindled as media employees have come to study "journalism" or "communications" rather than major in some area of the liberal arts where they actually have to learn how to read and write.


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